PlateWriter Infuse

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PlateWriter Infuse

Space-saving & affordable • The PlateWriterTM Infuse is an affordable, metal Computer-to-Plate system which produces press-ready aluminium plates for small to mid-size commercial print applications, with daylight operation and without the use of chemical processing. This small foot-print CtP solution is com- pletely self-contained and its chemical-free approach means no additional equipment (such as chemical processors or washout units) are required.

Digital Semi-automated • High quality digital CtP plates with accurate registration are guaranteed with the PlateWriterTM Infuse. Its semi-automated plate registration system provides a versatile plate handling approach, so multiple plate sizes and gauges can be used interchangeably. This makes the Glunz & Jensen PlateWriterTM Infuse suitable for both commercial printers and smaller newspaper printers with one or more printing presses.

Inkjet technology delivers plates without chemistry • A water-based Liquid DotTM image is applied to non-photosensitive aluminum printing plates. The imaged plates are manually fed through an integrated finishing unit which dries the plates and bonds the Liquid Dot to the plate surface, making CtP plates capable of printing more than 50,000 impressions.

The sustainable choice • PlateWriterTM Infuse hasthe lowest energy usage in its class and it eliminates water usage, chemicals and disposal costs. In fact, you can now refurbish your old PlateWriter to a new PlateWriterTM Infuse with an Infuse-kit – renew your PlateWriter and reduce waste!


  • Small to medium commercial printers, 2-up &amp 4-up
  • Imaging Resolution - 1440 x 1440 or 2880 x 2880dpi
  • AM screening
  • Water-based Liquid Dot technology
  • Plate thickness from 6 to 12 gauge
  • Aluminum Plates
  • Plate Width - from 8.3" to 36"
  • Plate Length - from 9.5" x 44.9"
  • Maximum Imaging Size - 35.8" x 44.2"
  • Harlequin RIP Workflow