Canon LUCIA PRO 12-Color Ink Cartridges

  • $317.00

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High Quality 12-Color Pigment Inks

Compatible with iPFX400 Family of printers

Canon LUCIA InksThe ink used in printers is either dye-based or pigment-based. Canon's LUCIA pigment inks combine the glossiness of dye ink with the vivid colors and weather resistance of pigment ink.

For the 12 LUCIA pigment inks, in addition to CMY ink colors, Canon developed special complementary RGB colors (complementary color relationship) and two shades of gray, realizing an expanded range which enables greater overall balance. With LUCIA, vivid colors can now be achieved on a variety of media types, including glossy paper.

The new LUCIA EX pigment ink system increased the color reproduction range by up to 20% by using more vivid pigments for all 12 colors and through the use of pigments with a variety of particle diameters. Furthermore, we have successfully produced a dark black using an ink design for raising the grade of black in order to meet the demand for high image quality from professional photographers and creators. By also improving ink materials, we successfully reduced bronzing and improved rub-fastness.