Canon GP-Series 10-Color Plus Fluorescent Ink

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Canon GP-Series 10-Color Plus Fluorescent Pink Ink

The GP Series ink has been specially formulated to create bright, bold images. Canon’s “Radiant Infusion” technology layers the Fluorescent Pink Ink with other inks on the paper, resulting in bright and soft color reproduction.

With the new Red, Orange, Green, Violet, and Fluorescent Pink Inks, the imagePROGRAF GP-4000/2000 printers have the largest color gamut of any imagePROGRAF printer to date.

The world’s first PANTONE® Calibrated printers for PANTONE® PASTELS & NEONS GUIDE coated. The GP-4000/2000 printers can hit 97% of the colors in this guide

Can hit 99% of the colors in the PANTONE® FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated

Canon GP-Series Ink Set