DAF Gecko-Grip Inside Mount Perforated Film

DAF Gecko-Grip Inside Mount Perforated Film

  • $395.00

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Product Brochure

Gecko-Grip Interior Mount Perforated Window Film is a one way vision 60/40 perforated film that provides the means to print directly on micro-suction cups. This technology allows retailers to easily mount graphics to the inside of windows, in a single step, using the printed side of the graphic. There is no need for additional adhesives or mounting tapes. GECKO-GRIP is removable and repositionable, thus allowing even a novice to install on glass and take down.

  • Key Features and Benefits
  • Designed for interior glass installation, which bypasses restrictive government sign codes, limits exposure to the elements, and prevents easy vandalism.
  • Print directly on the adhesive surface (Solvent/Eco-solvent only).
  • Most affordable complete solution for interior-mount perforated window film.
  • 2+ year product life for interior application onto clean vertical glass with normal environmental exposures.
  • Micro-suction cups are an ink-receptive printing surface.
  • Remarkable suction-cup adhesion properties.
  • Product can be applied by non-professional installers.
  • After print is dry, simply peel liner and stick to interior glass.
  • Repositionable and removable.
  • Interior window graphics are protected from the elements and vandals.
  • Use with Mild Solvent and Eco-solvent printers only (works best with Roland platforms).
  • Specifications
  • Thickness: 6.3 mils
  • Punch Pattern: 60/40
  • Color: White face/Black back
  • Available Sizes:
  • 54" x 41'

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