Graphtec Optima V250 Large Format Digital Cutter

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Graphtec Valiani Optima V250 Flatbed Cutter

The Graphtec Optima V250, flatbed cutting platform - ideal for sign shops, designers and prototyping in offset printing, packaging applications, samples, displays, signage, mock-up production, road sign making, and more. Conveniently in-house product packaging, make your own mock-up production projects with Optima V250, medium-to-large cutting solutions with its versatile digital flatbed format from Graphtec America, Inc.

Advanced engineered flatbed cutting table, Optima V250 designed for cutting sheet and rigid materials while delivering clean, smooth edge quality. Contour and plates / offset blankets with its dual tool head system and optional add-on tools are available to allow customers to customize their cutting to suit their specific needs and workflow. Each tool head is independently adjustable, ensuring high quality results, one-time deliver, even for the most complex jobs. Graphtec Optima V250 delivers versatility, accuracy, speed and #1 trusted brand in cutting industry.

Optima V250 4’ x 8’ digital flatbed is the optimal cutting solution and can be used in varieties of productions of: printable vinyl banners, corrugated plastic sheets, large compressed foam sheets, sandblast rubber templates, displays & POP’s and many more.

Graphtec Valiani Optima V250 MaterialsCorrugated Board & Folding Cardboard

Graphtec Valiani Optima V250 MaterialsHoney-Comb Board

Graphtec Valiani Optima V250 MaterialsCorkBoard

Graphtec Valiani V250 MaterialEtching & Sandblast Rubber

Graphtec Valiani Optima V250 MaterialsFoam & Gator Board 

Graphtec Valiani Optima V250 MaterialsDiamond Grade Reflective


Crease and score (variable thicknesses), emboss, draw, and perform oscillating cutting, half-cutting and V-cutting.

Graphtec Valiani Optima V250 interchangeable headsGraphtec Valiani Optima V250 Interchangeable Heads



Allows you to trim the material right to the edges, optimizing the material yield and leaves no marks on your material.

Graphtec Valiani Optima Button ClampGraphtec Valiani Optima V250 Button Clamp




Independent twin heads can be easily adjusted to various heights depending on the blade length and type. This ensures that you achieve the highest quality and cutting precision for all materials.


Optima V250 comes as standard with a camera for crop mark detection. This device, used in combination with software OptiCrop, can perform accurate contour cutting and creasing around pre-printed media even with print-distorted materials.


With two configurable tool stations, Graphtec Optima V250 is a medium-format professional cutting plotter capable of: cutting, half-cutting and creasing, drawing and oscillating cutting up to 20 mm (3/4”) in thickness.


Corrugated Board & Folding CardboardCorrugated Board & Folding CardboardCorrugated Board & Folding CardboardCorrugated Board & Folding CardboardCorrugated Board & Folding CardboardCorrugated Board & Folding Cardboard