Northstar RIP

Navigator Northstar RIP

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Navigator Northstar Workflow for Okidata Print Engines

Product Brochure

When you combine the Navigator Northstar workflow with a Okidata print engine, it’s simple to produce beautiful, color accurate prints. Whether you are a sophisticated graphics professional who is comfortable with ICC profiles and tone curves, or a user who is looking for "pleasing color", the Navigator Northstar RIP includes all the tools to get the job done. Because these tools are built into the workflow, users can avoid the expense and delay of sending the job back upstream to make color adjustments. This streamlines the production process, keeps the print engine productive, and preserves file integrity for other print processes should the job be redirected later.

The ColorPro color management system built into the Navigator RIP supports industry standard ICC profiles (including device link and emulation profiles) to deliver accurate color. Users can achieve great out-of-the-box color by simply selecting from a library of built-in color profiles suitable for a wide variety of media. For those who want to take it to the next level, Navigator has advanced tools including the ability to import custom ICC profiles, adjust rendering intents, and apply custom tone-curves and calibration.

Digital printing doesn’t have to equate to a lack of color control. Navigator features an intuitive global color adjustment feature that makes it easy to make basic color adjustments on the fly. Need to make a print a little darker and a little warmer? Global color adjustment allows users to make these changes with color-copier-like ease.

‘Spot Color adjustment’ allows you to adjust the color recipe of a file’s built-in spot colors. This makes it possible to make a targeted change to a spot color, without impacting the rest of the document. The color recipes can either be changed numerically, or by an intuitive swatch sheet visual matching process. Because the swatches are printed on the same media and device that the job will ultimately print on, you can easily compare them to reference color swatches or to already existing materials no matter how they were printed. Find a match, and the Navigator workflow will substitute the color in your job. Once the desired color recipe is found, there is no need to repeat the process. Spot color adjustments can be saved into libraries that can be automatically applied to future jobs for maximum productivity.