Outré 7 mil Satin Photobase

  • $99.00

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Product Brochure

Outré PH170S is a high quality, resin-coated photobase paper with a universal microporous coating. This product is designed to provide instant dry times on most high speed, thermal and piezo water-based inkjet printer systems with pigmented inks. Instant dry times reduce production time by eliminating the most time- consuming stage of the workflow—print drying to lamination. PH170S is a good choice for printing poster work at a very competitive price point. 

  • 170g Satin Photobase Paper
  • Whiteness - 145
  • Opacity - >85%
  • L* 91.6±0.5, a* -0.5±0.5, b* -2.4±0.5
  • Available in these roll sizes
  • 36" x 100' roll
  • 42" x 100' roll

Material Handling: Handle the media by the edges or wear cotton gloves before and after printing to avoid fingerprints. It is not recommended to fold or to excessively handle the media to prevent damage to the media coating. If you roll the image, roll the image with the graphic facing in to protect your print. Always place unused media back in its original packaging for optimal storage conditions.