Outré Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper

  • $63.95

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microporous coating technologyThe microporous coating has an innovative and unique composition that gives the product the highest ink adsorption capacity. 



Dye sublimation onto hard substrates is becoming more and more popular because of its outstanding photo-imaging quality and the possibilities for customization. This includes products such as skis, snowboards, photo panels, mugs and merchandise articles.

mugs coasters key rings ceramic tilesphoto panelssports equipment dye sublimation


Dye sublimation printing is becoming increasingly important in the textile market, with applications ranging from fashion and sportswear over to home decor and soft signage.

dye sublimation fashiondye sublimation sportswear

dye sublimation home fashion


  • Available in these roll sizes:
  • 24' x 300'
  • 36" x 300'
  • 44" x 300'
  • 54" x 300'
  • 64" x 300'

Material Handling: Handle the media by the edges or wear cotton gloves before and after printing to avoid fingerprints. It is not recommended to fold or to excessively handle the media to prevent damage to the media coating. If you roll the image, roll the image with the graphic facing in to protect your print. Always place unused media back in its original packaging for optimal storage conditions.