Continental Graphix - Panorama Two-Way Vision

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Product Data Sheet

A unique, clear PVC film embedded with a white prism technology. Don’t let your branding to get lost in the dark! The white prism technology transmits ambient light through the film for vibrant day-to-night window graphics. Create stunning window graphics, viewed from both sides of the window, without the need for white ink.

Panorama Two-Way Vision

Applications Examples

  • Retail Store Fronts
  • Corporate Environments
  • Restaurants
  • Flat and Slightly Curved Glass
  • Retail environments - POP/POS


  • Embedded White Prism Transmits Ambient Light for Vibrant Translucent Window Graphics Both Day and Night
  • No White Ink Needed
  • Excellent Durability for Interior or Exterior Installations without Lamination
  • Clean Removability (Up to 6 Months Without Residue)
  • Available in the following width:
  • 54" x 50' rolls
  • 54" x 100' rolls