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Print Factory

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PrintFactory is one ecosystem which includes Desktop, Cloud and Mobile apps and tools – all integrated to increase efficiency and consistency. All for the the price of a single subscription.


PrintFactory incorporates advanced color technology that consistently delivers superior and precise color reproduction on various substrates, regardless of environmental conditions or time intervals. With its integrated ink optimization technology, PrintFactory can significantly reduce ink consumption by 20% on average. This not only enhances print quality and stability but also contributes to cost savings through reduced ink usage.


PrintFactory’s Device-Link Profiling color management solution differs from ICC profiles by removing the room for error that creeps in due to extra maths, wear and tear, differences in substrates, ink, or any outside influences.

PrintFactory’s VISU™ Device Link engine improves print quality by producing more accurate reds and oranges. It also has better ink-saving capabilities compared to other engines. The addition of LAT and Reference profile tuning makes it the most powerful color engine in the large format printing industry. The built-in printer calibration wizard can match multiple devices, which reduces media wastage, ink consumption, and turnaround times. This allows for printing work across multiple devices with consistent results. VISU™ makes device-link profiling easy and accessible, making it a great tool for improving print quality and efficiency.

Print Factory Device-Link Profile White Paper


PrintFactory eliminates the prepress bottleneck, saving time and costs. 

With automated tools, PrintFactory receives and prints files, allowing you to double the jobs per operator, ensuring up to 100% potential revenue growth.


Full PDF EditingPrintFactory’s design quality Editor Desktop App allows teams to make pre-press corrections to original files in almost any format without the expense of third-party design apps. It offers a range of features, including color management, font work, tiling, and contour management. 

In-file color management allows for cleaner spot colors, special multicolour intents, and control over whites, varnishes, emboss, and metallic inks. Specialist ink features include the ability to create ‘white’ objects, map any spot color to white or varnish, and define white or varnish to print under any object. 

Tiling options ensure optimum use of media and work to scale with any tiling setup.

Contour management features allow for the creation of new contours from any vector in the job and barcode support for most cutters. 

Unlimited users/seats  


An all-in-one solution for preparing jobs

PrintFactory’s Layout Desktop App offers a range of features such as printing and cutting, nesting, double-sided printing, and specialist color and sector tools. 

With smart layouts and manual control, users can make last-minute changes on the fly and easily manage stack and true shape nesting. 

Step-and-repeat features with vector graphic edit control, along with centralised control of every device, ensure accurate and efficient printing. 

PrintFactory’s Layout Desktop App also offers tiling for speed and quality, cut-contour extraction, and finishing tools for creating grommets, fold, and bleeds. 

Automatic registration marks, barcodes, and QR codes prevent mismatching, and tool mapping and cut line extraction simplify the printing and cutting process.

Additionally, PrintFactory’s Layout Desktop App offers smarter nesting and preparation, double-sided work with a ‘turn and tumble’ option, and templates to speed up workflow.

Unlimited users/seats  


Elevate Artwork into Finished Products

PrintFactory’s WorkFlow Desktop App, is our powerful prepress workflow automation solution, is designed to effortlessly transform artwork into ‘print ready’ documents ready to be automatically nested or sent directly to the printer.

WorkFlow enables you to automatically create multiple simultaneous custom workflows to seamlessly transform artwork into print ready documents including automatic pre-flight inspection reports – with the flexibility of manual intervention when you need it.

Build your own workflows using our simple drag and drop tool.


Boost your print and cut production for all of your printers and cutters.
With automatic failover support, and device-to-device handling, our RIP provides a centralised workflow that ensures the fastest and most efficient production. We offer hands-on control over production, allowing users to select, combine, and print jobs, and prepare multiple jobs simultaneously.
PrintFactory provides consistent, high-quality results while giving you more control over your production process.


PrintFactory’s Cloud platform streamlines print workflows by offering cloud-based productivity tools with features such as JIT dynamic nesting, local automation, full XML/JDF support, variable data, remote file pickup, cloud workflow, and job management.


Automation provides several benefits to you, including more efficient job management, a wider pool of job options, and all of your jobs being considered nest candidates. It also helps you reduce waste based on your release criteria and prioritizes jobs based on your deadlines. Automation complements your web-to-print workflows and enables high volume throughput, multisite support, remote production, and dynamic printer pooling.

Automation isn’t complicated.

Automation provides several benefits to you, including more efficient job management, a wider pool of job options, and all of your jobs being considered nest candidates. It also helps you reduce waste based on your release criteria and prioritizes jobs based on your deadlines. Automation complements your web-to-print workflows and enables high volume throughput, multisite support, remote production, and dynamic printer pooling.


PrintFactory’s  Job Track and Trace Cloud Tool makes it easy to track your nested output, even with multiple orders.



Data is the lifeblood of any organization, and that includes print operations.

With our Data-Driven Dashboard and Reporting, you can proactively prevent production bottlenecks and measure your performance against KPIs.

Our Cloud Certification ensures consistent reporting of jobs and consumables to the cloud, and enables real-time access to job info and certification reports for tracking quality control conformance from any web browser.

Don’t let data hold you back – harness it to drive your print production to new heights.


PrintFactory’s Cloud Dashboard provides you with a consolidated view of your print production across all of your printers, cutters, RIPs, and nests, regardless of the brand or location. It allows you to make informed scheduling decisions before bottlenecks occur, and provides real-time alerts for your pending jobs based on delivery time. The Health Overview of all of your jobs, printers, cutters, RIPs, and nests, and gives you  drill-down statuses to focus your attention on areas needing improvement.Your registered users can access it from anywhere, whether on-site or remote.


PrintFactory’s Cloud Usage Reporting provides you a consolidated view of completed printing and cutting jobs, along with usage and consumption information across your production site. Your information can be exported, pushed via API, or directly injected into an AWS OpenSearch database. The reporting function also provides you with  ink and media usage information to help with your estimating, quoting, and purchasing decisions, as well as printer and cutter utilization analytics to maximize uptime and improve your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Additionally, the data feed can be used for your planning and scheduling in your ERP, and live data can be accessed through XML, notification systems, or pulled reports.


With PrintFactory’s Cloud Certification you can achieve consistent reporting of jobs to the cloud, along with certification reports, all from any web browser. Keep your finger on the pulse of quality control conformance and ensure that your print production stays on track and delivers the results you need.


Accurate and precise color reproduction has always been a challenge, making audit and control critical. We allow you to control user rights and access control, centrally managed color and backups with the ability to restore and version profiles and settings. 

PrintFactory is customizable and allows you to share cutting marks, nest settings, and layout templates across your organisation. You can reprint and track the reason and operator, and we provide certification trending reports.

PrintFactory Cloud also enforces recalibration schedules to ensure ongoing accuracy across your production site.